Courtyard Arts at the Theatre

Dawn to Dusk: Kasia and Mariusz Kaldowski 23rd October to 17th November 2012

Latest work by Mike Howarth Trustee.

Introduced by Courtyard Gallery Manager Julie Scarr, these two experienced artists talk of their enthusiasm for life and nature.

Filmed at lunchtime 22nd edited by 6pm and uploaded to the internet. The style is the beginning of an exploration of ways to add audience interest and attract people to the Courtyard Arts new website and draw an interested group of followers, encourage discussion through the new blog and giving support for further Courtyard developments. How might this material be used to publicise the exhibition in the local area? Add to an email add web address to a poster? Link to the artist's website? How can the Theatre make use of these videos for their publicity? How can this be linked to Council need for evidence for their inclusion and social enterprise policy expenditure?

(Please note: video streaming software automatically generates a crude random opening 'still' for each video. Final versions of the opening images take time to create but will be improved)

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Please note: This is not for publication. This is a holding area protected by password, for video resources in the process of development, created by Mike Howarth for Courtyard Arts

The music in this production is licensed under a Creative Commons license: