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Hertfordshire Regional College at Courtyard Arts

The Courtyard is a launchpad for everyone in the community to reach their own potential.

Each year art students at Herts Regional College are invited to show their work to the community and experience the exhibition process at the Courtyard.
DEXTERITY Katherine Roberts, Susan Couzens, Robyn Bailey, Jasmine Fagg, Amelia Hone.
26th January – 6th February 2016, Courtyard Arts Gallery Second Year Foundation: Fine Art Practice

Students were asked if they would like to experience being recorded and try out the process exhibitors can choose to promote their work at the Courtyard.
Draft 1 version for discussion

TBA for follow There will be a 'How to' video of the film session.The video is a commentary on professional educational methods applied to video as a learning experience: to organise the artist's message, to communicate effectively and use in a reflective process - some advantages of video as a practical tool for student engagement.

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