Christopher Brooke Residency

Courtyard Arts 5-29th August 2014


Second Draft 2: Short version

8 mins

Narration added, sound reduced, animations explained. Please check end narration is OK


Draft 1: Long Version for discussion

Heather Julie Mel Comments please
The IN script sets up the video for Chris
The END is to invite other potential interested parties to apply.
Is the wording OK?
This long version is for Chris. There will have to be a shorter version for Courtyard as at 10 mins the file takes too long to view. You may have to wait three minutes before the video starts. I hope you think this is worthy of our website and that you will want to specifically reference a ink to it from the residency page of the website?


IN: Recent Art & Design graduates and newly-established artists / are invited to apply for a Courtyard Arts residency / each year / This year Christ Brooke is / the lucky applicant / on Day 1 / 5th August / he is already hard at work.

Chris is starting on new editions of / progressing sculptural constructions / called the Mothership 2013. Chris IN Through my sculpture practice ...

NARR Link Phase 2 I asked Chris about the grid he talked about in the previous week

END If you wish to apply for a residency Artists / of all disciplines who look to explore and develop their practice. / A free / gallery & studio space to make and exhibit their work / is provided. please contact

10 mins


T: 01992 509596
W: www.
Courtyard Arts & Community Centre
Port Vale
SG14 3DD


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