We can adapt to meet your budgets, but guide prices are....

Business Rate

Day rate cameraman with kit: £350

Editing £250

Scripting, camera presentation preparation advice or training as required.

Academic Project Rate

Hourly lecturer top rate, or.

Consultant day rate for education projects with professional education producer advice including video, animation graphics etc.





Mike Howarth

Producer / Cameraman

Fast friendly service.


Camera: Sony PMW-300K1U HD Broadcast quality

Lenses: Fujinon XS8X4AS-XB8 wide angle

Tripod: Sachtler 0750 System FSB 8 T

Monitor: Marshall 5.6 Inch High Resolution Modular Monito

Radio Mic: Sennheiser ew112-p G3 wireless set MKE2 EW high quality lavalier mic

Rifle Mic: Sanken CS-3e hypercardioid mic

Nikon 800E:

iPhone 7:


Rosco Braq Cubes, Miro Cubes

LitePad H90+ LitePad HO+ 12 x12 & 12x6. Daylight: Battery packs, dimmers, mounting grips and tripods

On-camera light IDX X10-LITE-S LED Light

Phone Now: 01992 587292 07778 537505


Email:  michael.howarth@mhmvr.co.uk