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I have had a camera close to hand since I was 19.

A Kodak Award for Peru in 1971, and later expeditions to Tanzania and Iran were the proving ground for methods learnt from my mentor Denis Kemp.

An essential tool with a tape recorder for BBC Education Broadcasting publications

- a selection from the filing cabinets archives. Now happy to share techniques and apply ideas to media-savvy teaching.

1. Hop Picking in Kent. These prints were used by a brewery for an East End Pub, the local to thee hop pickers' homes. The farm was the last working traditional hop farm in Kent.

2. Mevagissey Fisherman was an Arts Council sponsored project recording the fishing industry, now largely gone. These pictures exist in the small local museum and after touring the country a selection exist in the Maritime Museum photography archive.

3. Omarii and Thadea was a study of two amazing boys - without parents - living on the slopes of KIlimanjaro for Third World Education.

4. In 1987 I photographed the effects of the Great Storm for the National Trust. Here are the results in Flash slideshow format - 26 images. (Drag the orange bar to view all thumbnails).

5. In July 2007 the exercise was repeated. Here are the results in Flash slideshow - 50 images. (Drag the orange bar to view all thumbnails).

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