Hands-on Thinking

An old idea for a new move forward in learning

Four hundred hits for the video recorded at the Derby Conference in October is already showing results as' hands-on' is used in a recent Radio 4 news item on the need for change in government policy for young people at work.

The craftsman and the apprentice system works - but how and why?

Making and thinking, doing and learning, writing and reflecting, theory and practice all come together creating with hand and eye. Such obvious common sense.

But the connections and the reasons why have been forgotten. It is time to remember the link. Neuroscience provides the why and metaphor is the how. The river of language is the vehicle.

The trick is to find interesting andf enjoyable ways to demonstrate the obvious. I explore using my own hands-on skills: video, drawing andt here I use my sailor's ropework craft as the example. Ancient craft new technology: Dragon Dictate, IshowUHD screen, video.) Contact me for details of a worskshop tailored to meet your requirements.

Hands on Thinking: an Introduction

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