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The video introducing Symposium 1(B) Middlesex Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2019
On this page: 1 video for the presentation. 2 script and notes. 3 audio of event. 4 Summary reflection video of the event. 5 Link to recent developments.

Dr Mike Howarth Support Tutor Final Year Research Project BSc Education, School of Education.
Learning for life - meaningful assessment for the changing world of tomorrow 6th Sept 2019

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Video summary of the session powerpoint.

Audio of the presentation

The Real Story Behind Symposium 1(B)

The real story behind Symposium 1(B is the closiing down of  BBC School Radio where teachers like myself got on the spot professional training in good communication for effect education teaching and creation of resources.   

It is emerging from research by others why School Radio and Television were closed down. We producers dumped on the scrap heap, only heard rumours and whispers. The role of Margaret Thatcher in the National Curriculum and infighting at the BBC that led to the end of public service broadcasting for children is being investigated.
The Big Picture is the decoupling of the BBC in-house apprenticeship system. It maybe even worse really a story of how outside consultants, deliberately or by default, introducing the US contract culture to disempower an independent national cultural force in the manner of Trump's attempt to "help us run the NHS" to to privatise for business advantage.   Was it the journey to create students as paid-for consumers of learning? A theme of the keynote conference speech by Amatery Doku.
Anyone researching the quality of learning and resources of 75 years of BBC School Radio Education broadcasting that ended in 1993? I have a 2hr video interview and 44 page transcript available.
The true story of Margaret Thatcher's involvement is now unfolding See here: ]

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